Roadmap for xPET in the next 30 days

Gashero Reward Distribution - February 5:
  • Distribute Gashero rewards to eligible participants.
  • Ensure participants are aware of the distribution mechanics and timelines.
Launch of xEGG hatching Feature - February 12:
  • Officially launch the xEGG hatching feature to the public.
  • Introduce users to the new feature through tutorials, and guides.
PvP OG Experience Version Launch - February 19:
  • Release the OG experience version of PvP to a limited audience for early feedback.
  • Gather data and insights to fine-tune the PvP experience.
Community Public Testing - February 20:
  • Open the PvP experience version for community testing.
  • Allow the community to test the feature without the cost of POTION to encourage participation and feedback.
New PvP Season Start - February 26:
  • Kick-off a new season of PvP, incorporating any adjustments and improvements from the community testing phase.
  • Engage players with new challenges and rewards for the season. (The $1M prize package includes ETH, XPET, and BPET for the first season).
Note: The provided timeline is an estimate, and adjustments may be made based on development progress, user feedback, and market conditions.