Roadmap of xPET for Q2 2024

With the success of the release in the first three months of development, we have garnered over 500K Twitter users actively engaging with and utilizing as a supportive tool on Twitter. Consequently, our focus in Q2 will shift and intensify towards the realm of SocialFi. We aspire to evolve into a platform with a user base exceeding 500K, connecting Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), users, and reputable projects. Through this, KOLs can generate additional income by advertising for credible brands, users can earn money through the platform, and brands can optimize their social campaigns.

Given the constraints imposed by Twitter's API limitations, social media platforms allowing users to create and execute tasks based on the Twitter network have become less effective. However, with the direction of developing a standalone platform, we are fully capable of addressing this issue thoroughly. Here is the Q2 2024 roadmap for

  • PvP Full Function Release (expected to be released on April 1)

  • SocialFi Feature Research and Development Kickoff

  • Application Wallet Development Kickoff for IOS and Android

  • Development kickoff for Browser dedicated to SocialFi on Twitter

  • Earn on Twitter Feature Development Kickoff

  • Customizable Twitter Feature Development Kickoff

  • Airdrop Hunt Development Kickoff

  • Multichain Integration

  • Application Wallet Launch on IOS and Android, including all developed features

  • Integration of New Features into Extension Development Kickoff

  • Extension Update with New Features Launch

Some Features will be aligned in the Q3 roadmap:

  • Quest creation feature for projects and partners

  • Quest creation feature for KOLs

Build on 𝕏, Earn on 𝕏

Note: The provided timeline is an estimate, and adjustments may be made based on development progress, user feedback, and market conditions.

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