xEGG fragment

The xEGG fragments will be an asset in xPet.tech's new game. The egg fragments range from 1 to 5 stars, and after being collected, they will appear in your Bag. Once you gather enough egg fragments, you can combine them into an xEGG NFT. When we introduce the egg-opening feature, you'll be able to open these xEGG NFTs and receive items ranging from common to rare, extremely rare, and even unique. These items will hold significant value in xPet.tech's gameplay modes.

The total supply of xEGG NFTs will be 10,000. Their rarity will be distributed as follows:

RarityPercentage on Total supplyEquivalent NFTs

1-star xEGG



2-star xEGG



3-star xEGG



4-star xEGG



5-star xEGG



The value of xEGG lies in its strategic significance within the gaming realm. The capacity to hatch Angels adorned with rare skills elevates xEGG to an item of immense value. This not only enriches the gaming experience but also introduces novel strategies, enhancing the overall diversity of player approaches. Particularly in Player vs. Player (PvP) scenarios, xEGG takes on a pivotal role. Angels, once hatched, can be individually equipped alongside the primary set of 4 Pets, conferring users with a distinctive advantage. Their unique effects on the team contribute to a substantial edge, significantly boosting the likelihood of victory in intense PvP battles. Read more in Angel section

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