Earn together

"Earn Together" is a powerful component of our referral system. It's designed to foster community collaboration, enabling users to team up to earn digital tokens together in a co-operative manner.

Invitation Code System:

To become a part of the xPet.Tech community, individuals are required to enter an invitation code from an existing member. This code establishes a direct link between the new member and their referring sponsor.

Those who enter referral codes are referred to as "Referrals." On the other hand, individuals whose codes are entered by others become known as "Sponsors." This establishes a connected network of users, each with the potential to amplify their rewards.

Booster Earnings for Both User and Sponsor:

The magic happens when a user spends BPET tokens. In this scenario, both the user and their sponsoring member experience an increase in their earnings within the Booster, enhancing their overall rewards.

Duration of Booster Benefit:

This enhanced earning opportunity lasts for 7 days. During this period, both the user and their sponsor reap the benefits of this collaborative effort.

To be eligible for the Booster rewards, the Sponsor needs to make sure that their Invitee satisfies one of the following conditions:

  • Purchase a Pet from our Store.

  • Buy BPET on the trading system (CEXs, DEXs) to upgrade your free Pet.

  • If the Invitee is a free player aiming to open a chest to receive BPET and then use them to upgrade their Pet, the Invitee's pet must reach at least Level 7 for the Sponsor to receive benefits from Earn together.

This ensures that participants are actively engaged in the xPet.Tech ecosystem.

"Earn Together" encapsulates the spirit of shared success within the xPet.Tech community. By introducing new members through referral codes, users and sponsors alike enjoy an elevated earning experience. Remember, to fully harness this feature, ensure the invitee has an eligible pet. Together, we elevate the xPet.Tech experience and celebrate mutual growth and prosperity.

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