Staking $BPET to receive ENERGY

Every time a player emerges victorious in a PvP match, a corresponding amount of ENERGY is expended, equivalent to the earned Ranking Points in that particular match. Hence, players have to stake $BPET to receive a daily allocation of ENERGY. This ENERGY serves as a valuable resource within the game. For every $BPET you stake, you will receive 50 ENERGY daily.

You can receive up to 100% more ENERGY than the amount of BPET you have staked if you do not Unstake within 10 days (10% ENERGY increase every day)

When players run out of ENERGY, they can't join PvP matches temporarily. This happens because they've used up their ENERGY during successful PvP battles. However, ENERGY gets fully refilled every 24 hours.

Unstaking BPET

If players unstake their $BPET, they'll get less ENERGY daily. This decision involves a trade-off between potential rewards and immediate access to ENERGY. Players who unstake their $BPET can claim it back after waiting for 1 day.

ENERGY is a vital resource obtained by staking $BPET, spent during PvP victories, and replenished daily. Managing ENERGY strategically allows sustained PvP participation.

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