Pet Healling

During battles, your Pet may sustain injuries. If a Pet is injured and unable to participate in battles, the player cannot engage in PvP until the Pet is healed or replaced with another one.

  • If you have needles in your bag, your Pet will automatically use them for self-healing.

  • In the absence of needles, the Pet needs to rest for 3 days. After this period, the Pet will naturally recover and be ready for the next battle.

  • To expedite the healing process and avoid the 3-day rest, you can use POTION to heal the injured Pet immediately. The cost per healing is equivalent to $0.3 (paid in POTION). For each POTION paid to heal Pet on the interface, the user will send an order to the smart contract, and that smart contract will consume an amount of BPET equivalent to the number of POTIONs the user paid for healing Pet.

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