The PvP (Player versus Player) mode in xPET.tech is a competitive and strategic environment where players use their pets to battle against other players. Detailed operation of this mode is as follows:

Participation Requirements

Required Number of Pets:
To engage in the Player versus Player (PvP) mode of xPET.tech, players are required to meet certain criteria regarding the number and level of their Pets. Here's a detailed explanation of these requirements:
Minimum Number of Pets: Players must have at least four Pets in their arsenal to participate in PvP battles. This requirement ensures that players have sufficient resources and strategic options to compete effectively in the PvP environment. It also encourages players to invest time and effort in acquiring and nurturing multiple Pets, enhancing the depth and engagement of the gameplay.
Level Requirement: Each of these Pets must be at level 7 or higher. This level threshold serves several purposes:
  • Skill and Progression Demonstration: Reaching level 7 with a Pet is indicative of a player’s dedication and understanding of the game's mechanics. It ensures that players entering the PvP arena have a good grasp of how to nurture and develop their Pets, which is crucial for the competitive nature of PvP.
  • Competitive Balance: By setting a minimum level, the game balances the playing field. This level requirement ensures that all participants in the PvP mode have reached a certain standard of strength and ability with their Pets, making the matches more about strategy and skill rather than overwhelming power discrepancies.
  • Gameplay Diversity: Higher-level Pets usually have access to a broader range of abilities and skills. This requirement thus ensures a more diverse and dynamic PvP experience, as players will likely bring a variety of strategic approaches and Pet abilities to their matches.
Strategic Depth and Preparation: Having multiple Pets at or above level 7 allows players to strategize with different combinations and adapt to various opponents. It encourages players to think critically about the composition of their Pet team, considering factors like type advantages, skill synergies, and counter-strategies.

Cost and Gameplay:

With the initial map, users need to burn 0.2$ in POTION value to create a PvP battle. With every POTION burned, we will burn the same amount of BPET on-chain.
Pricing PvP entry in dollars aims to lower barriers for newcomers and give a deflation approach for BPET. This approach adapts to BPET's price fluctuations: higher prices mean easier access for new users, and lower prices lead to increased BPET burning, potentially aiding in its deflation.
Besides POTION, you also need ENERGY to be able to receive Ranking Points after each match. Read more about ENERGY in the Scoring and Rewards section below or in the Energy section here
In xPET.tech's PvP mode, the strategic aspect of gameplay heavily relies on the items equipped on the Pets. The interaction between these items plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of each battle.

Key Components of PvP Strategy:

Item Counters: The core strategy in PvP revolves around the items equipped on the Pets. Each item has specific attributes that can counter the items on opponent pets. This system introduces a mechanism where choosing the right item to counter the opponent's choice is crucial.
Bows > Swords > Magic Wands > Shields > Bows
Winning Probability: When a pet's equipped item effectively counters the item on an opponent's pet, it significantly increases the chance of winning that turn. This strategic layer emphasizes not only the power and abilities of the Pets but also the importance of item selection and prediction of the opponent's choices.

Game Modes

  • Attack Mode: Players use their pets, along with strategically chosen items, to attack the opponent's pets. The effectiveness of an attack is not just determined by the pet's inherent power or abilities, but also by how well the equipped item counters the opponent’s item.
  • Defense Mode: In Defense mode, players arrange their pets in predetermined slots, equipping them with items that they anticipate will effectively counter the attacking pets' items from their opponent. Successful defense, facilitated by effective item countering, leads to earning ranking points.

Game Format and Turn Mechanics

  • Turn-Based Battles: The PvP battles are turn-based, where players select one of their pets each turn to face an opponent's pet.
  • Blind Pick Method: The selection of pets for each turn is done blindly, adding an element of unpredictability and requiring players to anticipate the opponent's strategy.
  • Determining Outcomes: The outcome of each turn is heavily influenced by the interaction between the items equipped on the battling pets. A pet whose item effectively counters the opponent's pet's item has a higher chance of winning that turn.

Tactical Depth

  • The PvP mode in xPET.tech demands a deep understanding of the item-counter system and strategic planning. Players need to be adept at predicting the opponent's item choices and equipping their pets accordingly to gain an advantage.
  • This system encourages players to think critically about their equipment choices, considering not just the power of the items but also their counter potential against various opponent setups.

Scoring and Rewards:

  • Scoring: The ranking points a player earns depend on the total Power of the 4 pets they bring into the match and the number of winning turns (maximum 4 turns).
  • Rewards: Besides ranking points, players also receive items such as equipment fragments, or other special items, regardless of winning or losing.
  • Every time you win a match, the number of Ranking Points you earn will be calculated as follows:
Ranking Point = Your Pet Power - Opponent's Pet Power
After 4 rounds, you will receive a summary of how many Ranking Points you have gained in that match. The number of Ranking Points you receive will be deducted from your Energy equivalent. Learn more about Energy in the Energy Section.

Ranking and Season Rewards:

  • Ranking System: Players earning ranking points are placed in the ranking table. The matchmaking system finds matches based on each player's ranking points.
  • End-of-Season Rewards: Each season has its rewards, based on the total ranking points a player earns during that season.
  • The first season lasts 3 months with a total reward of $1M, including ETH, XPET, and BPET. Additionally, the rewards may increase if the Volume for PvP increases.
  • The rewards are distributed in 6 phases. The first 5 phases distribute 10% of the total prize each (total 50%), and the final phase of the season distributes the remaining 50% of the prize. Every phase lasts 2 weeks