xPet.Tech Farm: Cultivating BPET Tokens for Owners

In xPet.Tech, your pet has the opportunity to own and manage a virtual farm. This farm serves as a dedicated space for your pet to work hard and earn valuable BPET tokens for you, the owner, by interacting with the game. Here's how it all works:

Pet Farming Basics:

Nurturing your Pet in Farm to get a higher level Pet. The higher level they get, the more advantage you have in PvE and PvP modes

Purpose of using Farm:

Farm serves as a place to nurture your pets and help them level up. To achieve this, we have designed a repetitive cycle for you. With each completed cycle, you will receive the exact amount of BPET you had spent and a higher level for your pet.

Here is the model of the Farm's repetitive cycle:

All pets at Level 7 will participate in and contribute to the Farm. For every time you upgrade a pet to a higher level, as a reward the Farm will automatically generate a certain amount of $BPET gradually in 25 days. After 25 days, you will receive the same amount of $BPET that you used to upgrade the Pet. The $BPET in the Farm can be claimed to your wallet every 10 minutes. After claiming, a cycle concludes, and you receive an amount of $BPET equivalent to what you initially spent to upgrade your pet and your pet is now at a higher level. If you continue to use the $BPET just claimed to further upgrade your pet, you will initiate a new cycle.

This repetitive cycle system in Farm operates like a Flying Wheel, enabling your pet to level up progressively and give you an advantage in PvP and PvE (Adventure) modes. The more you can earn from PvP and PvE, the more you can keep upgrading the Pet.

Furthermore, participating in Farm ensures that your spent $BPET is never lost, and your holdings remain secure.

Your Boosters will continue to function normally, generating BPET as a reward for community collaboration activities, even when you are not upgrading your pets.


Collaboration is a powerful tool in xPet.Tech. By participating in the "Earn Together" program, your pet can work alongside other pets, amplifying their collective efforts and ultimately increasing the overall farm productivity, allowing you to earn greater rewards for community collaboration activities.

Your total reward from Booster, your invite, etc can be found in "Your Wallet", section "Invite Friend"

Farm Parameters

  1. Total Spend

All amounts of BPET you spend (including re-spent BPET) will be counted as "Total Spend"

Total Spend = BPET or XPET used to buy Pet + BPET used to Upgrade Pet + Bpet used to upgrade Factory

We guarantee you that you will receive back the entire amount of BPET shown in Total Spend. Each time you spent BPET, you will receive that amount back within 25 days.

  1. Distributed and Remain

The "Distributed" parameter is the number we have returned to you and the "Remain" is the remaining BPET number you can continue to receive.

Total Spend - Distributed = Remain

All the BPET you have spent will be returned to you in the Farm, so you do not lose anything when upgrading. Every time you spend BPET and upgrade, you will receive all your funds back plus an additional higher-level Pet. It may seem that upgrading the Farm serves no purpose since you receive back the exact amount spent. However, in reality, it's quite the opposite. The more you enhance your Pet, the higher the Pet Level you attain, providing you with increased earnings in both PvE and PvP. It's a comprehensive economy where all features are intricately intertwined with each other.

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