Angels are celestial beings with unique and rare skills that play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay within our interactive gaming universe. These divine entities are obtained through the utilization of xEGG, a specialized item designed specifically for hatching these extraordinary beings.

Key Functions:

  • Hatching Mechanism: xEGG is the fundamental item required for hatching Angels. Each xEGG possesses the potential to bring forth an Angel, unleashing its distinct abilities.

  • Unique Skills: Angels are distinguished by their rare and unique skills. These skills contribute to the overall diversity and strategic depth of the gameplay, providing players with a myriad of tactical possibilities.

The intrinsic value of Angels in the gaming landscape is defined by their strategic significance and unique contributions. Angels, adorned with rare skills and individually equipped alongside the primary set of 4 Pets, stand as a beacon of immense worth within the game. This strategic integration not only enriches the overall gaming experience but also introduces innovative strategies, enhancing the diversity of player approaches. Particularly evident in Player vs. Player (PvP) scenarios, Angels play a pivotal role by conferring users with a distinctive advantage. Their unique effects on the team contribute to a substantial edge, significantly elevating the likelihood of victory in intense PvP battles. This underscores the profound value that Angels bring to the gameplay dynamics, making them an invaluable asset for players seeking strategic excellence.

Trading System:

  • Shared Contract: xEGG and Angels share the same contractual framework. In practical terms, Angels are tradable, and their listing orders appear on the market alongside xEGG. (you can check the official trading market of xEGG and Angel on OKX Marketplace:

Hatching Mechanics:

  • Star Quality: The hatching ratio is designed to consistently offer players the chance to hatch Angels with higher star quality, ensuring a rewarding and progressive experience. Users will never obtain an Angel with a star quality lower than the xEGG used for hatching.


Special Abilities:

  • Angel 1 Star - Power Up: Increases the Power of the selected Pet by 50%, providing a significant boost in strength during battles.

  • Angel 2 Stars - Purification: Cleanses the weapon counter effect from the Opponent Pet in the subsequent turn, granting a tactical advantage.

  • Angel 3 Stars - Disarm: Strips an opponent's pet of its weapon, concurrently diminishing the opponent's Pet Power by 30%.

  • Angel 4 Stars - Dark Gaze: Gazes into the opponent's hand, revealing 1 card, and disarms 1 opponent's pet, disrupting their strategic plans.

  • Angel 5 Stars - Foreseen: Foretells the future by revealing the identities of the two face-down cards of the opponent, allowing for strategic planning and informed decision-making.

You can hold multiple Angels in a PvP match at the same time, but you can only use 1 skill per match. Therefore, if you own many Angels of the same age, when participating in PvP, make a wise choice to win.

Passive Ability

Besides active skills, these Angels also Buff total Power for the entire team when they are used. Here is the detailed table:

AngelBuff for Pet

1 Star Angel


2 Star Angel


3 Star Angel


4 Star Angel


5 Star Angel


If you are holding multiple Angels at the same time, the system will automatically buff Power to your entire team based on the Angel with the most stars.

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