Raising Pet

After your chosen virtual pet, you'll be their best friend, making sure they're happy and healthy. Feed them, play with them, and watch them grow strong and happy in this special digital world.

Your trusty pet doubles as a valuable ally! As you scroll through Twitter, they're diligently collecting XPET tokens, your ticket to exclusive rewards. It's like having a dedicated companion in your online escapades. Make sure to unlock the Twitter Chest and engage in Farming to maximize your earnings. This seamless partnership ensures that every moment on the platform is a step towards greater prosperity in the xPet.Tech ecosystem. Happy tweeting and earning!

Health is Important

Just like people, pets have a way of showing how they're feeling. Your pet has three important health bars to show how strong and healthy they are. Every few hours, they get a bit hungry and lose a health bar. It's up to you to feed them and keep them in good shape.

Taking care of your pet is like being a good friend. Give them lots of love, feed them, and make sure they have everything they need. When your pet is happy, they do better and that means more rewards for you.

Help Your Pet Feel Better

Sometimes pets get sick, even virtual ones! You can use a special tool to help them get better. It's like giving them medicine to feel strong and healthy again.

Keep Things Clean

Even virtual pets need a clean space. If your pet makes a mess, you can use a broom to clean it up. It's important to keep their home nice and tidy.

Pet will help you earn

Find Hidden Chest

Explore Twitter and discover hidden chests. These special rewards make your pet even happier and help you both succeed together.

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