Game Assets

1. BPET: Main Currency
  • Nature: BPET serves as the primary on-chain currency with real-world value.
  • Usage: It is used for various transactions within the game, making it a pivotal economic asset.
  • Exchangeability: Players can exchange BPET for other assets on-chain
  • Role in Economy: As the main currency, BPET is integral to the game's economy, driving transactions, purchases, and exchanges.
2. POTION: Versatile In-Game Asset
  • Exchange Rate: Players can exchange BPET for POTION at a 1:1 ratio, ensuring a stable and predictable economic model.
  • Utility: POTION is used for multiple purposes:
    • Participating in PvP battles.
    • Training Pet to enhance their Power.
    • Healing Pet to maintain their functionality.
3. xEGG: Hatching Angel
  • Function: xEGG is a crucial item for hatching Angels, which come with rare and unique skills.
  • Value: The ability to hatch Angel with rare skills makes xEGG a sought-after item, contributing significantly to gameplay diversity and strategy. Especially in PvP, Angel can be equipped separately beside 4 main Pets. Angel has a special effect on the team and gives users a better chance to win.
4. Pet Power Points
  • Calculation: Each pet's Power Points are determined based on their level and the equipment they are outfitted with.
  • Impact: Power points dictate a pet's effectiveness in battles, making them a key focus for player development and strategy.
5. Equipment: Enhancing Pet Power
  • Variety: The game includes various equipment types like Swords, Bows, Shields, Magic Wands, and special items like the Santa Hat.
  • Function: Equipping these items to pets increases their Power, directly affecting their performance in battles.