Revenue Sharing

In xPet.Tech, the Revenue Sharing system is a fundamental mechanism that ensures the community benefits from the platform's success. Here's how it works:
Our revenue in the game will come from two main sources: $XPET and $BPET. Here is the revenue breakdown for each type of token we collect:


  • Project's Share of Revenue:
To support the ongoing development and enhancement of the platform, 5% of the total revenue generated is allocated to the xPet.Tech project. This portion is allocated for the continuous improvement and expansion of the platform's offerings.
  • XPET Fund for Community Growth:
We will leave 50% aside for marketing purposes, rewarding users through special events, or events that help grow users.
  • BPET to XPET Conversion:
The remaining 45% of the revenue is allocated to converting BPET tokens back into XPET tokens. The quantity of XPET tokens available for conversion is equivalent to 45% of the XPET revenue earned the preceding day.


  • 10% will be used to distribute rewards to Adventure
  • 1% will go to the Team
  • 5% will be used to reward Staking $XPET
  • 84% will be burned